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Friends for Life

September 24, 2012

On Sunday I volunteered with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue at their adoption event at a local Petsmart. I had such a great time. They had amazing dogs that needed homes.  I have a special place in my heart for these rescue dogs, they love you so much for saving them and giving them loving home.  My own little guy was rescued from a high kill shelter in Ohio, who would ever put down this guy?? It breaks my heart that anyone could mistreat these animals.

My heart – Colby

This was my buddy on Sunday, Betina. The most adorable little shepard/lab mix, who was only 12 weeks old.  A bit timid but so cuddly!

Betina loves to cuddle!

Check out her adoption story from her new family – read it here. I was so happy that her and her sister were adopted! In total they had 22 adoptions!! Lucky Dog is great organization and I am so blessed to have been a part of their event and hope to be a regular.  Check out Lucky Dog on Facebook and their website:


Too-Many-Clothes Syndrome

September 24, 2012

Ever have the thought, “I have NOTHING to wear!!”, as you stare at a closet FULL of clothes? I feel like that every single day.  I usually end up at work in similar outfits day to day and week to week, with the occasional “I’m not lazy” day.  I  have my theories as to why:

A. I am lazy
B. I can’t see a lot of my clothes
C. I don’t know what to put together

Let’s tackle each theory.  I am lazy. Truth. I hardly wear make-up to work or make more than a 50% effort in the mornings.  I certainly choose sleep over getting ready.

Some E-Cards

This is me to a T.

I leave myself about 30-20 min to get out of the house of which 10 are spent taking the dog out.  Yes, I know, this is an easy fix. But I love sleep. And sleep loves me.  Maybe I can commit to fixing this later, for now I have more fun stuff to tackle.  Like fixing theory number two…

I can’t see my clothes! I’ve got a closet full of clothes and dresser even more full and shoes spread across two floors of the house.  Clearly I have an organization problem.  I did just purchase a shoe rack – go me! So at least I can say I gave it the ol’ college try.

But alas, I am ready for change!  With my Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons in hand, I vow to fix the mess. Shoe racks and shelves, here I come!

Last theory is a little harder and requires a little more work and research but so much fun.  My go-to’s for fashion inspiration and advice are Pintrest (follow me!) and my favorite blog J’s Everyday Fashion.  Now, if you aren’t already on Pintrest – you need to be!! It’s the best site ever, so helpful and a complete time-suck – but worth it.  I love the fashion blog, she blogs about everyday finds from, as I like to call them, “normal people” stores and how to put together looks. She also re-creates designer duds – very cool! Kudos to J!

After some browsing, I was indeed inspired and put together this little outfit, success!

Now… let me go tend to that closet probelm.

Happy Blogging!

Reflections – Aurora, CO

July 20, 2012

Not a lot of crimes are surprising to me anymore.  I feel as though we’ve all been de-sensitized over the years.  Through the media, internet and plain ol’ life.  People’s indiscretions get worse and worse as time passes.  However, I will never understand truly evil actions like those of the “Batman” shooter.  The effects of Columbine still run heavy, I imagine this is like rubbing salt in an open wound.  Criminals do a lot of things out of desperation – what was he desperate for? Creating pain?  I guess you must be very sad to be that depraved.  Only God will judge him now.  My heart goes out to his family and to the families of the victims. May God give them strength in this time of sorrow.

Hold your loved ones close today – and always.  You never know what any given day may hold. 

Camera Apps for Android

July 13, 2012

I am a self-proclaimed paparazzi.  I snap pictures of everything and everyone.  No one is safe.

I use an entry level DSLR, Canon Rebel X, but I don’t lug that thing around all the time.  Instead I turn to my trusty smartphone.  It’s like an extension of my arm, I have it with me at all times and am probably on it the majority of the time.  I have a Droid Incredible 2 and it has an 8mp camera which is fine for a cell phone.  But I’m always itching to edit and create.  I recently stumbled upon a great photo editor for the Android: Camera 360.  It has a lot of fun effects and some great tools as well.  Best part, it’s FREE!  And we looove free stuff.

It will come in handy since I am a cult follower of Instagram – speaking of… follow me – phunsized! I’m also in the market for a new point-and-shoot as well, mine has taken a bit of a beating.  Hoping to get it fixed instead of buying a new one.  Money these day is going to the wedding fund instead. Ah weddings… that’s a whole other blog.

Happy Blogging!

Bonjour Blogosphere!

July 13, 2012

And so it begins.  Another creative endeavor, which at this point, I have high hopes of continuing. So, here I am!


Trendy and in a corn field, yup that sums it up.

Ready to take on the blogger world. Last time I tried this, I don’t think I was interesting enough, young, naive and boring.  However, I have moved up in the life ladder. Look at me today – career, family, house, dog, wedding, a grown-up life. Plus, I’m left handed, thus creative – so this should be easy, yeah?  (Note the sarcasm).   Go me! Let’s hope I can figure this out without too much of a learning curve.  I’m a marketer, I should be good at this. And I will be dang nabit! (Yeah I just said that).

I hope whoever reads this enjoys the little clips of my life, thoughts, worries, recipes, dog stories, fashion risks, wedding journies and all around life adventures.  Wish me luck!

Happy Blogging!

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